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Final Update -- Trying ATT UVerse on for size...

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that have been available to me. AT&T is a good example of the big, dumb corps that try so hard to make me hate them, but my personal experience with several companies made me positively dive for AT&T DSL when offered at a very reasonable price. The only trouble I've actually had with them has been weird outages over the past week. Cable companies, on the other hand, liked to shut off service for me two weeks after I'd paid the bill, for some reason. Had that experience with three of them, along with lots of outages. I went with satellite and never looked back until a new cable & internet company started up. They seem to be very good, but I can't buy bandwidth any cheaper than what I get now.

To me, it's kind of a "pick your poison" decision. I hope you have much better service from your providers.

Aside: AT&T is still really SBC (who sucked anyway). They bought AT&T and took the name. Then again, I don't suppose it matters which way that went, does it?