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Final Update -- Trying ATT UVerse on for size...

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AT&T can be downright awful for service, but I personally haven't had any better luck with anyone else, and I don't feel like dropping the cash for service from WOW, when I get what I need dirt cheap.

Unless a good contender is available, it's just a choice of the lesser of multiple evils.

My only recent problems with AT&T were internet outages, which actually didn't last very long, but there must have been more to it as it was reported at SANS internet storm center, with no additional info.

The only other problem I had was when the tranny for my router died. The phone call was interminable, with multiple escalations, (can you try this?) when I knew darn well what the issue was. When I finally got transferred to the manufacturer, the guy knew that I knew what I was talking about, and sent me a whole new router for free. Sure enough, when it came, I just took the transformer and used it to power the router: Voila, Internet. Now I have a backup router, but no supply.