Inhouse developed .bat files require validation because unsigned

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Inhouse developed .bat files require validation because unsigned

I have developed a vbscript that I wish to launch from windows scheduler... This launch's ok, but 1 of the things this script does is create another .bat file which is also launched.
windows scheduler launche's the vbscript.
vbscript builds a command txt file for psftp which is then launched in a bat file that is built by the vbscript.
- Depending on the requirements as specified in a control file for the vbscript, this new bat file can have different flags set.

The windows scheduler launch's the vbscript bat ok, but when the script itself trys to launch the new bat file. I get unsigned program trying to execute. I click accept, and it runs ok.

This is a WindowsXP machine with no special rights. I don't want this machine to have special privatizes.

The questions are as follows.
I can make it so that the new bat file is always present, just the contents will change. It still ask's me for the verification though. Is there a way I can stop this popup?


I know I did a crap job of describing this, and I apologize.