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You must first determine whether the problem is with the media or the computer.

Will the computer boot from any other bootable media (UBCD, Hiren's, a Linux LiveCD, etc.)?

If it does, the the problem is most likely with the CD. And, if the rest of the media is fully readable, you can create a new bootable CD with the instructions found at:
http://www.nu2. nu/bootcd/ (remove the extraneous space between . and nu).

Otherwise, you need to figure out why the computer won't boot from optical media.

BTW, the "Press any key" messages I have seen were actually initiated by the bootable optical media as part of the booting process, not by the BIOS in the computer. Some CDs won't display this message while others will -- ON THE SAME COMPUTER. It's actually an option when you want to rebuild your own version of UBCD.