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Install XP Professional SP3 from a USB Flash Drive

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I realise this thread is now nearly a year old but I'd be interested in any other feedback from it - it's a long and quite tricky procedure (and, apparently, even more so if installing to SATA disks...?) and having spend nearly an entire weekend attempting to go the bootsect / PeToUSB / usb_prep8 route (unsuccessfully) - watching the copy of the XP disk numerous times, at half an hour a shot - I'm bone-weary of the whole damn exercise. Could have bought a truckload of bootable external USB DVD drives with the money I didn't make doing this job... :-(

Just for the record, if you have a Vista PC available, the whole procedure takes about 5 minutes longer than the copy of the XP CD. About 8 commands typed in a command prompt window one after the other and you are done!