Intel and Windows 2003 SP2 Don't Play Well !!!

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Intel and Windows 2003 SP2 Don't Play Well !!!

I have been testing the latest Windows 2003 SP2 update Dell 2850 Servers. The test servers are fully patched with all pre-SP2 updates and have Intel Pro 1000 Nics configured as teams for load balancing.

On installing the SP2 update the team information is lost and (the Nic team just evaporates) leaving cards that cant be assigned IP addresses. The only way around is to remove the team.

However in one case the missing team became so corrupt that it could not be removed - I currently have server that will not take any Nic drivers, despite being the correct version.

You can't delete the offending hardware installation and 2K3 says the hardware is required to boot the PC (PXE Cards)

Has anybody else come across this problem and if so found a good solution?

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