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Internet Explorer constanty switches to Firefox

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My first reaction is that you have a malware infection. Redirecting entries in the "go-to" field are a major symptom of many malware infections; but I haven't heard of one that launches Firefox from IE. (By the way, when Firefox is launched, is IE closed or left open?)

Another major part of a browser hijacking would be that you don't arrive at the destination you selected. Do you also see this kind of behavior?

Even without other symptoms, I would recommend using your own AV program to do a full-system scan. Then on top of that,
1. download the free malwarebytes from and run that
2. download the free superantispyware from and run that

If either of those programs detect infections (other than cookies, which need not concern you here), then you need to get to a website that can help you deal with it. The kind of deep-level rootkit infections that are increasingly pervasive are beyond the purview of most self-help sites. There are some good ones for just that kind of support out there, but you shall have to go looking. Or contact the company that handles your AV software.

If you are certain that it isn't a virus, the only other suggestion I have is for you to launch IE, click on Tools>Internet Options, click on Advanced, click on Reset.

By the way, reinstalling either IE or Firefox almost inevitably re-establishes all previous settings, so would seldom fix the kind of problem you appear to have. The RESET button in IE is an excellent fallback that will accomplish what you want; and there are procedures for accomplishing the same in Firefox, but you will have to find those procedures elsewhere.

I am sorry no one has responded to you in a timely fashion. I hope this is neither too late, nor useless.

Please let me know what has happened; and good luck.