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Not sure what your issue with this is. I was an IT instructor for many years and have had to explain subnetting principles to many. Textbooks give one explanation and for some that just does not gel. The oringinal question was not just "Waht is the answer" but also "can you explain how you got it". That indicates someone who is having trouble grasping the basic ANDing concept behind subnetting. I have had to work with people who tried to learn before but were always told "Look it up" and found they were usually lacking in skills. I saw the answer by Charles and it was concise and very well explained.
As for the Internet, I have 20 years experience in IT and still use the Internet for research. I for one think it is an invaluable tool. If you know everthing already, then hooray for you . You should be a CCIE then. For the rest of us, going to sites like this and asking questions is part of increasing our knowledge base.