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iPod Touch or "Internet Tablet" for the un-tech savvy?

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Yeah, my #1 fear is giving her something that costs money 99 cents at a time and is hooked directly to a bank account. That's like sticking a vacuum hose into my my wallet. The convenience of using the iPod to directly purchase music is a lot of the appeal, but it is the danger too. On the other hand, the N810 is certainly safer, but definitely more likely to be played with for a little while and discarded.

I thought about the phone, but I dropped around $300 on a LG Venus for her (we're on a Verizon plan... great service, lousy phone selection). She was occassionally buying songs through their VCAST service, but we just stopped that. Apparently, to have VCAST on, costs $15 a MONTH. And without it, you pay $1.99/MB to download, which includes just browsing around. This was a real shock to me, and when she said "yes" to it on the phone ages ago, it never mentioned a charge. And I didn't notice it on the bill until this weekend, because the bills were so high anyways (I was blowing out a 2100 minute plan nearly every month, using it for business).

So yeah, going the smartphone route is not a good option, since it would involve not only dumping the $300 investment I just made in her phone, but moving to a data plan which will extract a ton of money from my budget each month. That's why I like the WiFi on the N810 and the iPod Touch.

Good idea though!