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iPod Touch or "Internet Tablet" for the un-tech savvy?

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Deciding to purchase the iPod Touch was the absolutely worst mistake I've made this year. I have lost well over 2 hours of my life wrestling with Apple just trying to get this thing properly ordered. All because I wanted to use a gift card and split the credit end between a pre-paid debit card (that's how Lowe's gives "free delivery" on appliances) and my personal debit card. Now, I am stuck with a fairly useless pre-paid debit card because Apple has run multiple authorizations against it, my personal debit card has nearly $300 in holds on it too, and my order is still not official. Each time I call, they tell me that they are going to immediately cancel all of the holds and then re-try the authorizations, but they don't. All they do is keep hammering these cards.

Apple has until tomorrow to get their act together. If they can't figure out how to place an order properly by then, I am cancelling the order, selling the Apple gift card on eBay, and finding an entirely different gift for my fiancee. I bought a car from a dealership with less hassle. This is rediculous. Apple's CSRs are friendly, but the system they use is horrible.