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iPod Touch or "Internet Tablet" for the un-tech savvy?

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OH Smeg

I understand that some banks who have had to tighten their belts in the current economic climate are actually hitting Users Accounts twice for the same item and then still not getting the transaction through.

Several of the banks here are experiencing this problem and don't have a solution as it is continuing. Perhaps this is the only way left to find the necessary money for the CEO's Hourly Pay Check.

Real nuisance though no matter who is responsible and I'm betting it will take weeks to sort out the Credit/Debit Card Fiasco as it's not one of the Banks Immediate Transactions here. They will fix their Account Holders Accounts first then start looking at the Credit Card side of things as that isn't their business it belongs to another company so the banks can quite rightly say it's not their problem it's the fault of the Card Company.

I'm currently waiting for one to be refunded the grand total of $75.00 only been 8 months now and I'm still waiting.

Trying to get an answer out of the Bank and the Card Company is like dealing with Bureaucrats only stops hurting when you give up in disgust and walk away ignoring your losses. Perhaps I'll hammer the CEO's of the Credit Card Company with several large transactions as a test to see just how fast they fix that one up. I did this with the head of one banks Security Department when they insisted that their system couldn't be broken I just picked up the phone and ordered a 6K Sound System on the Security Managers Credit Card in front of him. He insisted that it wouldn't be approved so I asked where did he want it delivered? Worked like a charm too they instigated the changes very quickly.

Seems that as I work Bank Security I just may have the access to do it too. :^0