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Is it me or are all the Verterians dropping TR?

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OH Smeg

Well I did look at FB for a couple of days.

However it wasn't my idea to join I had to for family reasons a cousin was under treatment for Cancer his wife was under treatment for a failed Hip which needed replacing and my Mommy didn't use a computer so I had to monitor FB to keep her up with the news.

Things sort of went downhill from there but it's Pitiful really and just a massive waste of time. About the only good reason to maintain my low presence there is to keep an eye on Attacks over it for the customers who think that it's great along with Music Downloads for their iPods from any number of Torrents.

All totally pointless if you ask me. If I log in once a month for 10 seconds that's Extremely High usage for me.

OH BTW Wiz my teacher didn't tell me how to answer this question and I've been a Rabid Student and can not answer this question so will you answer it for me? :^0 :^0