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Is it me or are all the Verterians dropping TR?

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OH Smeg

But you are correct after the last site downgrade the sense of community was shot to **** and there was an active movement to attempt to get people to join My Face and Book Space a while ago to get rid of the nuisance nontechnical posting here on TR.

Seems that many have taken to FB with a vengeance and while I do have 2 accounts there I see it more as a Major Security Breach and otherwise totally useless. FB is so secure that the 2 Accounts that I setup one for Private Family and one for Professional have been so throughly cross linked that it's not funny by FB itself and I currently have members of my family demanding to know who I am because I'm not Col even though I'm impersonating him.

Add-in Groupon or whatever the idiot place is called who hosts the Avatars which can no longer be animated and TR has taken quite a few backward steps and a lot of the people have simply left for greener pastures.

Of course making one of my Alter Ego's a Moderator didn't help them at all either.

@ this rate within a year or two TR will be reduced to answering Homework Questions and telling people how to Crack Passwords on Windows only systems.

Other than the FB Burfday Alerts that I get I haven't been back there for a very long time and currently I don't have any intentions of going back. I see FB as being as Useful as Teats on a Bull but maybe that's just me.