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Is it possible to recover deleted files after a format?

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Yes, it is possible! Generally, after the formatting, your deleted files are not permanently gone from your drive. You still have the possibility to recover them back as long as you have not rewritten the original data.
To recover your files, you need a recovery program to help you. As to the recovery software, I know a recovery freeware, which I have tried to retrieve my lost data from the formatted drive. I remember it offers a specific recovery option called Format Recovery from other four ones. You also should try it, for I have got back all my needed data at the aid of this application.
If I do not remember wrongly, you can read about it there:
Note for you:
1. Stop using this disk immediately to avoid overwriting the original data, which can make your data gone permanently.
2. Save your recovered files on a different storage device in case of recovery failure.
3. Back up you data in the future in case of similar problem.
Good luck!