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Is it possible to recover deleted files after a format?

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The answer to your question is yes you can recover your data.
I have tested this fact by doing a simple test myself by installing A Linux distro (Pc-bsd) on a drive that had my photographs (5000 pictures) and did all of the updates etc to the system and then formatted the drive. I installed "WiseRecovery":

Why am i telling you this?
Because in the past i had a hard drive that had just stopped working and i had lost my pictures on it but at least i had a backup. So that is why i am posting this post to tell you about this product that you can test yourself before buying, it does not write to your drive, it just reads from it. But i did pay upfront for my copy and it did bring back ALL of my data and pictures. some i had deleted years ago. So yes this software does the job that it says it does.
You will need to buy a bigger hard drive then what you have at the moment because it will bring back a ton load of stuff some you can delete later.
One more thing it is not fast, it had taken over two days to do a FULL scan on the drive and then recover the data and that is on a single 750gb drive so be aware that you will not get your data back in 24 hours. If you do not mind waiting for your data then this product is very good, and no i do not work for them, just purchased their software that is brilliant.