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Is it possible to run a Mac IOS on a Windows 7 machine through VMware?

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It always amuses me every time a question like this comes up and, just like clockwork, the first response is always by some uber-nerd touting the legalities of the issue.

The guy wanted to know if it's POSSIBLE to do it. Nowhere in his question did he ask if it was legal to do it. So to answer your question properly: yes, it's possible to do it. But your terminology isn't quite correct. You were asking about "iOS", and you should've been asking about OSX. They're two very different things. The term "iOS" refers to the mobile operating system that Apple uses on their phones and tablets. The desktop operating system is called OSX. That's the one that you can run in VMWare.

The only thing "special" about OSX is that it's designed to specifically look for a string of text in your BIOS which identifies your motherboard as one that's found in an Apple computer. If it doesn't find that string, it won't let you install it. But in a virtual environment, BIOS strings are a very simple thing to fake, which is why it's a very simple thing to get OSX to run in VMWare.