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Is it possible to run a Mac IOS on a Windows 7 machine through VMware?

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not sure if you would want to run a mac o.s. in a virtualized environment. at best you might see the mac desktop and mac panels and access the internet. but that's about it.

the reason being is that a virtualized o.s. will not be allowed to gain total control over the laptop hardware. and being a mac os, it might not be able to adopt or use the pc hardware drivers.

but don't get me wrong, virtualization is a fun thing to do, but its very limiting and sometimes not worth the trouble unless your using it for experiments or trouble shooting exercises.

have you considered mac osx themes that can be installed and overlaid on windows pc?

if you do try out third party themes, remember to make a restore point or system back up first, especially on the laptop. else your only recourse will be a factory restore, if you decide to uninstall the theme and leaves your system unstable.