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is it safe to delete 1 pagefile.sys if you have 2 internal HD's?

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OldER Mycroft
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Since the Pagefile should be between [1.5 times] to [2.0 times] your total system RAM.

If you want to place the Pagefile on the second hard drive (then delete the Pagefile on the primary hard drive) you should perform BOTH operations at the same time from the same place.

While you are invoking a Pagefile on your secondary hard drive, DON'T reduce the primary Pagefile to zero - just mark your C: drive as 'having no Pagefile'.

To get the maximum benefit from placing your Pagefile on a different (non-system) hard drive you should create a partition that is for the Pagefile ONLY. Create a PARTITION which is just slightly larger than your intended Pagefile will be (twice the size of your RAM) and place your new Pagefile in this new partition. Make the lower and upper sizes THE SAME. I gave my own partitioned pagefile the drive letter 'Z:' to keep it separate from any other bunches of drive letters and to prevent any possible confusion with Drive Management screens.

By doing it this way, you'll prevent the Pagefile from ever becoming fragmented, because the only activity that will ever take place inside that partition will be for the Pagefile. Also, because the Pagefile will be inside its own partition, the Read/Write heads will have much less distance to travel when accessing this Pagefile.

I am assuming you are aware that if you remove the Pagefile from your system hard drive, in the eventuality of a system crash, your computer will be unable to write a memory dump to disk. (PCs can only do this to the C: drive Pagefile) - if you want to retain the ability to catch a memory dump, leave a Pagefile on your system hard drive that is the same size as your RAM.