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is it safe to delete 1 pagefile.sys if you have 2 internal HD's?

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You do not want to manually delete pagefile.sys, and you really do not want to have no page file on your boot drive.

Here is a link to a very good article on page file / virtual memory settings.

I tend to disagree with the old school of a fixed page file at 1.5 to 2X system memory. Total memory needs to be at least 1GB and the page file must be at least as large as installed RAM.

For your configuration, you want a fixed size page file equal to the size of RAM on the boot drive and a second page file set for Windows to manage on your second drive.

The main reason to have a fixed size page file on your boot drive is so that if Windows ever needs to, it can perform a memory dump that can provide diagnostic information for system errors.

If you do still wish to eliminate the page file on your C: drive, change to virtual memory settings to "No Paging File" on the C: drive. If a page file is still on the drive, wait a few days to verify that the file is not being used. Then you can manually delete it.