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Is Microsoft's System Centre 2012 is in fact Skynet?

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The prospect of 'Microsoft Skynet' would mean that the system could be attacked and destroyed when it went BSOD from time to time, or most certainly on patch Tuesday where it's processors and disks were all pegged at 100% installing patches.

In the movies, technology is either:

a) Lacking redundancy and fail-over technology. Such that in Independence Day, compromising one node of the massive alien computer system instantly takes the whole thing offline, or in Star Wars Episode One where the army of battle droids simply freezes in place once the main computer goes off line. Or the obvious case in the Terminator where destroying the data center destroys ALL data related to the shiny-hand-thing...(hello, offsite backup or DR site??)

Or in movies, systems are hopelessly insecure, such as in the Matrix when Trinity managed to breach something like 500 UNIX servers in ten seconds and shut down the entire power grid.