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Is there a way to recover my pictures from a fully formatted computer?

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Hello LuayDJeeloo,

As told above, the most important thing to do is STOP USING THE DRIVE your photos were on.

Then from ANOTHER computer, I advise you to download and burn SystemRescue CD from Once the CD is burnt, put it in your formatted computer and boot from it.

When given a prompt, use the dedicated file-recovery utility PhotoRec to scan your drive and try and recover your pictures. You may need a seperate storage (such as an external hard drive or USB stick) to store your recovered files.

Please note that while PhotoRec was originally meant to recover photos (as its name suggest), nowadays it can recover pretty much any common everyday file type, making it a valuable tool to any file recovery task. :-)

If PhotoRec fails to recover your files, you'll always have the option of sending the drive to a recovery specialist. If it succeeds, you'll have saved $1000+. :-)