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Is there a way to recover my pictures from a fully formatted computer?

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[q]"I fully formatted my hard drive and I lost all my pictures.
Is there a software that can recover(even if its very expensive)?"[/q]

Is there a way to recover your files? Yes, absolutely.
Will it be very expensive? No, absolutely not.

I finished reading all of the replies that you've received so far. Some of them are right on the mark, while others are truly idiotic.

The bottom line is this: whether or not your data can be recovered depends ENTIRELY on how much writing was done to the drive AFTER the format. If all you did was format the drive and then never touched the drive again, you can recover 100% of your data. If, however, you started re-installing Windows (or whatever operating system you were using), and you started using your drive as before, then the chances of recovery drop exponentially with each additional minute of drive usage.

The best thing you can do is remove the drive from your computer and give it to a VERY knowledgeable friend who has - at the very least - a moderate amount of experience in data recovery. If you know no such person, then you're basically gambling on the fact that whomever you hire might recover your files, OR they could make the problem a hundred times worse by taking a drive which COULD be recoverable and totally screwing it up to the point where all your data will be lost permanently.

Unfortunately, there are no credentials that you can view to give you a sense of how good a person will be at recovering your data. There's no university degree given out in that field, so anybody who claims to be an expert may very well be an expert - or they may be a total buffoon. If you're in a position of having to hire someone, it's absolutely imperative that you get references. And I mean REAL references from real customers, and not "testimonials" on a web site which mean less than jack. Web site testimonials are about as believable as your astrological forecast.

Some of these so-called "data recovery" places would like you to believe that they're going to dissect your drive and go through the platter bit-by-bit under an electron microscope and painstakingly recover every iota of information for you, which is why they're going to charge you thousands of dollars. This is simply a fantasy, and is something you'll only see in movies. In the real world, the only time a screwdriver will ever touch your drive is if there's a physical component which needs to be replaced (such as a faulty controller, an actuator head, an arm head, etc etc.) In such cases, the work MUST be done in a clean room level 5 (or lower) environment, and that's where you'll be paying real money.

But for data recovery on a fully functioning drive, it's all going to be done by software. The exact same type of software that you can purchase (or download for free in some cases). And the reality is that if a skilled person can't recover your data in under 3 hours per terabyte of drive space, then none of the "recovery" services are going to recover it for you either, so don't throw your money in the garbage.

If you have to hire someone to do the work, look for someone with verifiable references, and make sure you don't pay more than $250, as an absolute maximum. Anything more than that, and you're being ripped off.