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Is there any such thing as a 5.25 external USB floppy drive?

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re. the suggestion by wizard57m-cnet:
IDE cables have 40 pin connectors whereas IIRC floppies have 34 pins. They are not equivalent.

While I concur with TheChas that external 5.25" drives (that I remember) all connected via the parallel port, that probably won't help with a new machine that doesn't have such a port. Moreover, it would require a special driver which will likely only run under MS-DOS.

I seem to recall some PCI add-in cards (sold by SIIG IIRC) which had IDE and floppy ports. You may be able to find one on eBay. You won't have a true "external" floppy drive, but you can temporarily leave the case open and run the cables out the side.

I also have serious concerns as to whether Win8 even knows how to talk to a floppy drive (I haven't tried it). You may need to run some Linux LiveCD to get the hardware to work.