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Is Working on ASP.Net a Real Programming?

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If you want to go down the route of "real programming", then you could do the following.

Write a virtual machine to implement an OS that you design. Design your own programming language, and then write a development environment to work in. Then, you go back and re-write your OS and all the tools in your own language. Ultimately, you could design and have built a CPU to run all your code!

This might sound extreme, but it was once not that unusual. Mind you, this was in the days when there probably weren't any more than a few hundred "programmers" in the world.

It's not a bad way to learn how these things really work. Doing at least a couple of these steps, perhaps design a simple language and implement a compiler and a text editor in it.

You will learn a lot, but it's not a cost/time effective way of doing things these days except as a learning exercise.