IT Infrastructure Site Review

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IT Infrastructure Site Review

I've been tasked with performing Infrastructure Site Reviews for our satellite offices. I've been scouring the Internet for a template for this kind of thing, hoping to crib from someone else's experience.

This will be primarily related to the end-user's direct experience with the Infrastructure, so, mostly desktop hardware. However, Network speed often also plays into the end-user's opinion of our systems, so, anything comprehensive would be helpful.

Also, a template for an end-user opinion poll might be helpful, if anyone can recommend one.

Thank you!
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Unfortunately, there are no real 'one size fits all' checklist or testplan, as the risks that exist at your locations may be unique to your business.

My focus has always been more on security and compliance, so I have relied heavily on both ITIL and CoBit as standards to base testing on.

For example, ITIL has volumes of standards and best practices around service delivery, and all sorts of methods to gauge end-user satisfaction:

CoBit is the basis of any and all the compliance, security, and IT governance testing I have done.

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if I was running the show....

If whom ever didn't say we want to see this, or give you any direction at all, I'd give em what I would want if I was the Network Engineer in charge of it.

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