Java script

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Java script

In last 2 months I am now being told AOL - Pogo internet games require " JAVA SCRIPT"

Is this a new requirement? - previously I had no problems

I assumed - If my pc did not have JAA SCRIPT - I could down load it

Every thing I have tried failed

Still not able any more to play AOL GAMES

I am retired (70) and really enjoyed this feature.
Can anyone assist me PLEASE
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You might want to contact AOL, just in case their brower settings are in a different place than normal browsers. But, Javascript is something you simply enable in the security settings of the browser. If your security settings are set too high, javascript can't run. Just set your internet security settings to default and it should run.

Don't confuse Javascript with Java Applets. Those are two different things. And, are you sure the site isn't requiring a cookie and not just Javascript?

Also, accessing those sites, I certainly hope you have adequate protection installed (antivirus/antispyware/Windows Defender/firewall/etc...).

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