L3 Switch vlan not pinging

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L3 Switch vlan not pinging

Hi all,

i have a dlink xstack des 3828

configuration :

1) i created a vlan v1 (port1-4)
and conneted it a l2 switch (port 1) that is connected with a pc(; i given this vlan a interface ip;
now i took port 2 connect it mux i.e. connected with Lease line and then a client at remote end
my client pc ip is
i am able to ping from to and vise versa.
2)i have created another vlan v2(port 5-8). i coneect port 5 from another switch that is coneected with 2nd server(
at l3 my interface ip for 2nd vlan is

3)i want to connect my client pc(i.e. at remote end). i given ip at same NIC.
now i m able to ping from to but not from to
plz help me how i can i.