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Laptop Does Not Detect GT540M After Format

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OH Smeg

You didn't use the Acer supplied Install Disc/Recovery partition and did not get the Install Method along with the Supplied Drivers. I would assume that you used a Windows Install Disc which doesn't have the Specific Drivers for your Hardware so you have to install it after you install Windows.

Not sure what really happened with the Video Driver but if you go into the Device Manager and Right Click on the 2 listed and go to Proprieties and see what they say that they are should be a starting point.

Also depending on how you installed the OS here you may have forced it over something and it's messed up the various Drivers.

If you where using a Vanilla Windows Install you should first install Windows and then the Audio Driver and then the Video Driver if they where not loaded when you loaded Windows.

Here I would start again with a New Clean Install after formating the HDD and then if you didn't keep the 2 NVidia Drivers download them again and install one at a time. It's also possible that the smaller driver of 24 MEG is the wrong one and I would suggest applying the bigger of the 2 NVidia Drivers first. If that doesn't work reinstall the OS again and this time use the smaller Video Driver.

Of course if you didn't install Windows 7 Acer doesn't supply any drivers for a different OS so you'll have to hunt the necessary drivers for whatever version of Windows it is you are installing.