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Laptop Does Not Detect GT540M After Format

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OH Smeg

Does this happen while you are using it or when it's idle?

If it's while you are using it it's most likely a heat related issue which may be fixable by changing the temp in the BIOS that the system shuts down. If you have that option in BIOS change it to 90C for the shut down.

If it happens when it's idle it sounds as if you have the system set to Hibernate and quite often this causes problems so it's a good idea to turn off Hibernation in the Power Options. .

As stated above heat and NB's is a big issue and with a few years use the internal cooling vents get clogged with Dust and other Crud. You need to **** this out with Canned Air or something similar but don't use a Vacuum Cleaner as they generate Static in the Air Stream which is deadly to Electronics. If you use compressed air you also need to stop the fans from spinning because they also generate electricity when they spin and this isn't good for the electronics either.

I personally always supply a Cool Pad with every NB that I sell to stop then getting clogged with Crud or having things sucked up against the bottom of them and blocking the air intake and causing overheating. I use Antec Cool Pads like the one here

http://www.antec .com/product.php?id=72&pid=22

remember to remove the space from between antec and the .com for a link.

But there are cheaper alternatives available on places like E Bay.