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Laptop Does Not Detect GT540M After Format

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what you should try is look through the start-ups / msconfig and services /admin tools and tasks control pane to shut down unnecessary programs, like google updaters, av updaters, etc...

for all practical purposes, you don't need automatic start-ups loading in memory when windows starts.

you don't need non window services running.

and you don't need any tasks being scheduled to run behind the scenes without your knowledge and permission.

so see if streamlining / tweaking your computer will help dedicate the resources to your game.

if the computer and the game does become stable, then the only thing i would turn on in the start ups is the anti virus "and" maybe the laptop kb and laptop mouse - that is if your laptop needs them loaded automatically.

then monitor the panels i mentioned on a regular basis because applications will sneak in their resource hogging crapware at every chance they get.

if however, the computer seems unstable even after you streamline it, then boot into safe mode and execute a restore point to undo your modifications and go back to square one.