Laptop for Design: To partition or not to partition.

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Laptop for Design: To partition or not to partition.

I've searched and seen a million answers that never really address the question. So, if you've got a moment to respond, I'd love a specific response:

Scenario: For design on the go, backup laptop with a single 500GB 5400RPM SATA drive running Windows 7 Pro. Programs/software suites include various browsers, chat/IM, media player/converters, MS Office, Adobe CS, and some video editing. Considering two partitions (aside from the reserved partition Windows makes):
(Part. 1) OS Program - 130GB
(Part. 2) My Files/Data etc. - Remaining space

Question: Whether partition will be beneficial or not when working on large files in Photoshop or editing video. I wonder if it is efficient or actually counter-productive since the head has to jump back and forth from program to file. (I planned not to have a separate partition for the scratch disk for Photoshop, as it would create another jump for the head).

Any thoughts?