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Laptop Key Broken,... Changing The Keyboard.

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And replacing broken NB Parts and is it worth the time & effort when you can get it repaired properly for about the same price.

But unless you are completely certain that you have a broken key you need to test the Keyboard with something to check that doesn't involve loading any form of Windows OS if that is what you are currently using as there is always the possibility that you have a software problem that is causing the issue. Or you may have a Hardware Failure that is causing the problem not directly related to the Keyboard but to the Keyboard Interface which has broken.

Test by loading a Live Linux off a Boot CD and see if the key works now. If it still fails to work turn off plug in an external Keyboard and boot again with the Live Linux and see if all the keys work properly now. If they do you have a defective Keyboard on the NB but if they don't you have a defective Interface between the Keyboard and M'Board meaning that you need a replacement M'Board.

If you only have to change the NB's Keyboard all that is required is to undo a couple of screws lift off the plastic cover between the top of the Keyboard and Monitor without breaking it as these tend to be a tight fit and you need to be very careful. Once this is removed you should be able to access the 3 to 5 Phillips screws along the top of the Keyboard that hold it in place and unscrew then lift off the keyboard and disconnect the Ribbon Cable by releasing the clamp that holds it in place.

Installation is the reverse of the removal procedure and this time you have to make sure that the plastic filler panel that goes between the top of the Keyboard & monitor is properly fitted and pushed down fully as if it isn't any switched located in it will no longer work. Again it helps no end if you do not break this refitting it and then once properly in place all that is required to to fit the retaining screw/s to hold that cover in place.

If you don't already have a Live Linux to test with you can download or buy one from here

Knoppix would be the most useful general purpose Live Linux to download if you are wondering.