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Laptop Lightning Strike

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The two places I have seen Lightning leave scorches the most is from the Power Connector, and the port the internet was in (modem or ethernet).

Go with an obvious test of picking it up with the unit off and take sniff. If it smells burnt by the power connector, it most likely damaged your mainboard. I mainly saw things like burnt capacitors and melted traces, and like the other post, tended to take the CPU with it.

On the upside is that many times the CD-Rom and Hard Drive were salvageable. While the damage may be extensive to the unit, your data still has hopes of being safe so that you can get your legacy app off of it.

Make sure that when you send it in for repair, that no matter what you want the HDD either recovered, want it back, or request that if it is questionable to be left untouched. This most likely will cost a little extra, but if you can not replace the app, you will at least have the HDD to get it off of. The extent of what it would take to recover is the problem.