Laptop Serious Problem: Will not POST

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Laptop Serious Problem: Will not POST


My name is Andrew. I am a novice IT technician. Lately I've been having a problem that is highly embarrassing. I can't seem to figure out what is wrong. I feel that I should know what it is, but I guess figuring out how to solve new problems is what this line of work is all about.

I will start with...

Basic Specs:
Laptop: Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q8102X
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
18.4" TruBrite LCD Screen (1680x945)
Intel Core i7-2630M 2.0GHz Processor
320GB Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid Drive
640GB Toshiba HDD
1.5 GB GDDR5 nVidia GeForce GTX 460M
BD-ROM Combo Drive


Problem: It won't POST.
It turns on. Screen stays blank/black. Hard Drive spins up, then stops. RAM has no problems; I tested them on another machine. CPU Fan kicks in, but stays on. My machine stays on until the battery dies. Nothing else happens.


Attempted Fixes:
I did what any tech would do first: Removing the Battery and press+hold the power button to discharge and reset CMOS. No effect.

I removed the CMOS battery itself and replaced it. No effect.

Then, I disassembled it, piece by piece, and inspected the CPU. No problems; cleaned out the Fans. I reassembled it. No effect.


I've literally been tearing my hair out trying to understand what's wrong. I am worried that the solution is so obvious I didn't need to risk disassembling it.

This machine has served me admirably for the past two years without a single problem, other than human errors like forgetting to install drivers for the Graphics Card, etc., which I later corrected.

It is my pride and joy. But I cannot hold onto it forever... if I can't get it fixed, I will have to sell it for parts. I honestly do not want to do that. I want to learn and do my best to fix this problem before surrendering.


Thank you for any advice you can yield. I will await response.
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Need to be sure it is producing the voltage required. Also, there could be a hairline
crack in a connector or on one of the circuits on the motherboard, such as HDD
connections, graphics, etc.

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Also I would try to connect it to an external monitor. If it stays on but nothing on the screen I have ran into and was able to get it to display on a monitor but not the screen itself.

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Have you made any recent changes to the computer?

You state that the hard drive spins up. Does the hard drive have the normal sounds of data access for the boot process? If so, I agree the thamadgeek that your display has failed and an external monitor would at least allow you to continue to use the system.

What about the keyboard or other indicator lights? Do those behave normally or stay off?

If there is no POST or boot activity at all, I would suspect a failure in the power supply or clock section of the mainboard. One quick way to validate a fairly common power supply failure mode is to inspect the electrolytic capacitors on the board. If any of the caps are bloated or leaking, that is the problem.

I see bad caps a lot on desktop and rack mount systems, I can't say that I've run into failed caps on a laptop before.

Still, a fault on the power supply section of the mainboard is the most likely source of your problem for a sudden no POST and no boot condition.