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LGA 2011 Motherboard, which one is better?

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Thanks for the feedback.

I looked at Gigabyte, and to me they seem very overclocker oriented, but I am more gamer oriented.

I think the Fatal1ty brand is good, since I have their sound card and headset and they are great. Also, the Fatal1ty X-79 Champion is a great looking broad.

I also like the Asus board, but the price is ouch!!

I looked on the forum about quality related issues with ASRock, Asus and Gigabyte, and they all seem to have the same number of issues and same types of issues - so I think the quality of each brand is really hard to determine.

It is a crap shoot as to whether the board you buy was made right, or has an production fluctuation. I am looking at price vs. features and not which brand it is.