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Only experience I have is installing Ubuntu on an old G4 PowerPC. Because it had less than 512 mb of ram, I had to use an older distro... Edubuntu 6.06. for PowerPC. Install went flawlessly for me. Currently I'm writing this post from a Ubuntu 9.10 dual boot install on my primary system alongside WinXP.

So only advice I can give is make sure you have at least 512 mb of ram, as most linux these days needs at least that. Make sure you have the PowerPC version of the Linux distro in question. If the distro you have doesn't work, try another one... Edubuntu, Xubuntu, just download the .iso file from for free and burn it to a CD-R using the suggested free burning program. There's a simple tutorial there also. Good luck.

BTW, most Linux distros are around 700 mb.