Load Balancing + Failover + VPN access

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Load Balancing + Failover + VPN access

Hello to all. I have seen in the forums many
posts about as to configure load balancing or
failover of two Internet connections.

What I need is to configure load balancing
and/or failover maintaining the following
- WWW navigation
- VPN Access (Cisco VPN Client to ASA)
- Access to OWA.

With respect to the last point, is possible to
register a same name DNS (for example: mail.
domain. com) toward 2 IP' s?

The infrastructure is:
- Firewall: Cisco ASA 5510
- Two Internet connections (different
providers), that is to say, I have two routers
Cisco 1700.
- A router Cisco 2800

If is necessary to acquire another hw, do not
there would be objections.

Thank you so much for its aid

Hola a todos. He visto en los foros muchos
posts acerca de como configurar load balancing
o failover de dos conexiones a internet.

Lo que necesito es contar con load balancing
y/o failover manteniendo lo siguiente:
- Navegaci?n web.
- Acceso VPN.
- Acceso a OWA.

Respecto al ?ltimo punto, es posible registrar
un mismo nombre DNS (por ejemplo: hacia 2 IP's?

La infraestructura es:
- Un firewall Cisco ASA 5510
- Dos conexiones a internet (diferentes
proveedores), es decir, tengo dos routers cisco
- Un router Cisco 2800

En caso de ser necesario adquirir otro hw, no
habr?a inconvenientes.

Muchas gracias por su ayuda