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Lock wallpaper AFTER BGInfo runs

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jprice I manage over 200 PCs, some at remote offices, I need that info displayed in an easy-to-find location, so that when a user calls me, I know what PC they are sitting at (Hostname), its IP address and the user they are logged in as. That's all I have BGInfo display, in a small typeface in the upper- right-hand corner of the desktop. Most users don't even know it's there until I point it out to them.

And yes, I could have them run winmsd to get this information, but as some of my users don't even know how to create a new folder on the desktop, without me walking them through it EVERY time, so doing that is out of the question.

We also have a company policy that retricts use of any wallpapers that do not come with Windows (or aren't approved by the IT staff). Yet people have ignored this and downloaded programs that change their wallpapers hourly, daily, etc.

I consider myself a pretty reasonable person and do my best to accomadate people's requests. In the past I have scanned in pictures of people's kids, pets, etc. so they can use them as wallpapers, but I do not like being ignored, especially when people download junk that can jeopardize my network's security! (Yes, several of these downloaded wallpaper changers were spyware and they wondered why their PCs suddenly were running slow!) That's why I now have a zero-tollerance policy on this.