Logmein Himachi 2 ?

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Logmein Himachi 2 ?

Hello TR, I have a question regarding Logmein Himachi 2, VPN software from Logmein.

My employer is wanting to connect some clients from 2 other sites with our main site. One client is located roughly 2 miles from us (main site) and she uses Logmein Pro to connect to a terminal computer at the main site, then she is able to use resources from the main site's network. Well, the other clients are located about 7 miles from us. He hasn't been connected to our site yet because we have been looking at different VPN solutions. I stumbled upon Logmein Himachi2 today and it looks promising. I've googled it, but haven't been able to find any reviews from businesses using the solution.

Employees here use Logmein Pro2 to login to their computers from home and have been happy with it. My reason for wanting to use a VPN solution is because in the future there will be several outside clients that will be using resources on the main site's network and I don't want to setup a lot of terminal computers in the communication closet or let users login to our servers directly just to use resources.

Have any of you heard good reviews from businesses using Himachi2? Or do you have suggestions for other VPN solutions?