Lost notes on iPhone - can anyone read data.syncdb

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Lost notes on iPhone - can anyone read data.syncdb


I'm tyring to find LOST IPHONE NOTES.

Itunes only has a backup from Feb. 2008 on this stolen iPhone that I'm trying to recover data for. No other complete backup was found.

I think my friend never finished his backups because we would start using the phone once it starting syncing.

I'm not sure if is anywhere some partial data is stored on Mac or Windows XP. He was backing up to mac up until 3 weeks before the Iphone was stolen. But there isn't even a Moblile sync folder there.

I have files from ..
Apple Computer/SyncServices/Local/clientdata/53779edd2ff6cdf8271db6be61224a6688b3cac9/

I have more info and a files that I can post later.

I was trying to look at this with SQLite program that I downloaded but couldn't get it to work.

Thanks for any clues for this.