Making A Local Intranet - IIS, DNS

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Making A Local Intranet - IIS, DNS

I have made a website at my server with IIS, we can "connect" to it trough or server2003-del2 with is the computer name.
I wont it so the users can connect to it like this http://intranet.getsome.local (getsome.local is our domain) or just http://intranet
If anyone know it would be cool if you know how to force a homepage in IE trough a group policy or something like that
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In DNS create a CNAME record for "intranet" to point to "server2003-del2".

As far as group policy for a homepage -->

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I like cmiller5400's answer, but what if you can't force a homepage (via group policy or otherwise) one example might be users that come in with their own laptops/tablets, etc...

You can use DNS Redirector (software) to force users to visit this site, before they can surf elsewhere. We've done this before to either promote a new Intranet and/or ensure everybody see's it at least once per day.