Mapped network drives disappear in explorer

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Mapped network drives disappear in explorer

Hello everybody

I have a problem with a Windows XP SP3 PC which is a member of a Windows Server 2003 domain.

If the user logs in, a script runs which assigns 3 network drives. On this particular PC, the network drives disappear randomly from time to time. The mapped drives are not visible in Windows Explorer anymore, although I can access them from any program (e.g. Microsoft Word) without problems. Only one PC is affected in our network. The event logs did not show anything.

If I enter the drive letter (e.g. L:\) in Explorer, I receive an error message. But if I open the CMD, I am able to navigate to the L:\ drive and list the content. The command "net use" shows that the status for all drives is OK (also for those drives which are not visible anymore). If I go to "Tools - Disconnect Network Drives" in Explorer, the mentioned network drives also show up fine.

What I normally always did was to disconnect the drives and map them again. Today I noticed another workaround: if I kill the explorer process and restart it, the network drives suddenly reappear in Windows Explorer.

I would appreciate if anybody knows how to solve this problem properly.

Thank you