MCDST is Microsoft for real?

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MCDST is Microsoft for real?

I was looking at the Microsoft site today and came across the requirements for the Microsoft certified desktop support Tech. I see that they replicated the information needed for your client operating system exams (70-210 ect) and add another test for basic support of MS office.

Who would hire someone with this cert and why? Really is Microsoft so desparate to increase profits that they will create such a worthless cert? The A+ exam covers support of windows O/S and most home users can install and configure Office isnt this just overkill? And how will this effect those of us with higher level certs from Microsoft. Will these exams count for your MSCA/MCSE and therefore devaluate the cert?

Maybe I'm going overboard and dont fully understand the market's needs but I think this cert is a real joke.