MCSE / MCSA Certification Exam Prep Software

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MCSE / MCSA Certification Exam Prep Software

Navy Moose
Hello Everyone,

I recently made an investment with a firm who publishes Microsoft (and others) test prep software.

I picked up the Microsoft Self Paced Training Kit for XP (70-270) read the book cover to cover and took the subtests in the book. Once I was done with the book I took the subject area tests with the software. I did notice seeing the same questions repeatedly through the tests, sometimes only the order of the answers was different.

My fear was that I was not learning the material, I was almost memorizing the questions being asked of me.

I took one of the simulated exams in this software and failed it miserably. I took another using the test prep software which came with the Microsoft book and got a similar score.

What I would like to hear from my fellow IT professionals is their experiences with test prep software, good and bad. Along with advice on the best way to study for this exam.

I've put in six weeks studying for this exam and my test date is 26JUN06. I have a voucher from Microsoft for a free retest if I bomb it too badly.

Thank you.