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Micosoft Windows network (XP HOME)

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Thanks for all your tips. But it is still not working.

McAfee is set to trust all IP addresses between - How do I compare the network protocol lists?

I have shared a folder in 'My Documents' (Sharing and Security - Share this folder on the network) but it was still not available on the other laptop (in 'My Network Places').

This is the second Home network I am trying to set up. The first one I set up worked perfectly. As far as I am aware I followed the same procedure. The only difference is the router (Linksys worked, Netgear did not).

Laptop 1 will be used on both networks. Laptop 1 currently works perfectly on the first LAN (All shared docs can be seen and accessed by other computers on the network. I can print 'wirelessly' over the network as well via a PC which is connected to the router through ethernet). However when I try it on the second LAN the other computers cannot see these same shared docs.

Is it possible that something needs to be configured on the wireless router?