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Microsoft SBS 2003, RWW and OWA

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I don't have a Windows 8 machine to test from, but there's nothing particularly special about OWA or RWW. They're both browser-based so should work from any machine. The only exception I can think or is the option to remote in to a PC (which requires an ActiveX control or two installed).

If it were me I'd be trying a few other options. Obviously if you have another Windows 8 machine that would be ideal (it doesn't need to be one the same domain). If not, try using a portable browser from the Win8 machine and see if OWA works. You could also try adjusting the User Agent string in IE if you think it is a Windows 8 issue, but I really can't see that being the case.

If you don't get far then let us know the exact details of the problem - it's pretty hard to diagnose a problem without an error code or at least a description.