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Missing Drive (not)

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Mirroring the drive can save a lot of time and heartache.

The only caution is make 100% sure the RAID controller, firmware, drivers, and even the drive (make/model/firmware) all are solid versions and play well together.

The point here is that RAID mirroring can work very well, but sometimes, like in the case of a couple of Dell systems I worked on, there can be flaky incompatitibilties causing the machine to think the drive has failed when it has not, or look like the drive is having write errors.

At a high level, stick to only the top brand-name raid controllers with the freshest firmware, and be careful even with the hard drives. Some drives that are made for consumer PCs (eg. WD caviar green) do not play as well with RAID as some server-class drives (eg WD caviar black).