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Mixed Raid Drives

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Apologies for the Late Reply gechurch, and double post. (please delete my "reply" post)
Thank you very much for the information provided, that clears up a lot of questions I had.
I have a total of 6 drives in my server. 4 connected in the drive bays, plus another 2 in the ODD drive (I have a 5.25 to 2x 3.5 caddy)

Unfortunately due to an oversight of mine, and as correctly stated by you, the raid controller only allows RAID 0 and 1.

So the way I have configured it now is:

2 x 250 GB in RAID 1 for the OS (Windows Server 2012)

4 x 500 GB in Software RAID 5 for storage

1x 2TB External Hard drive for backups (incremental daily and full back up every 2 weeks)

I have only had this setup running for a day, but with some initial testing, I am getting write speeds of 110mb/s to the raid 5 array. (From a separate PC, with SSD, over 1GB network) To me that seems pretty good, is it?