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Mixed Raid Drives

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Thanks for posting back your results Matt. Yeah - I'd be very happy with that write speed. From memory that's about the same write speed I got on a similar setup with a dedicated P410 RAID controller. I was using 4x 250GB SATA drives in RAID 5... the drives were probably a little slower than yours, but I would have expected the software RAID to be more of a bottleneck than it actually is.

Incidentally, I'd be very happy with your network performace too. I'm cabling my house up at the moment using Cat6. I'm looking forward to having gigabit speeds, but I'll need to replace my NAS which is only 100mbps (and only 2-bay). I've been weighing up getting a 4-bay rack-mount NAS vs just throwing drives into a Windows PC and doing it myself. Your results are encouraging... I might pick up the same server next time my supplier has them on special and build the same sort of setup. I don't want anything too power-hungry, but was worried the Microserver wouldn't have enough juice to run 5 drives (I'll go with a single drive for OS and 4x drives in RAID5 for data). Obviously power is not a problem though.