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molex adaptor to install ssd

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I'm glad to hear you sorted it out, and thanks for posting back to let us know.

Wow, you've got quite a few other issues there! A quick answer to each:
* The activation will not work automatically over the Internet because you've activated that way so recently. If you use the phone option to activate it will work. (Note: I'm not 100% of the legality here. OEM copies of Windows are for that PC only, so if your motherboard for example dies technically you'd need to buy a new copy of Windows. I'm not sure whether having two copies of Windows on two drives in the same PC is legal or not. Not that any of this matters since you're moving to Linux anyway).
* The escape key at bootup is fine. If you always (or mostly) wanted to boot off a particular drive you should enter the BIOS (usually by hitting Del) and change the order of hard drives in there. This will make it a permanent change instead of manually selecting each time. When you install Ubuntu I believe it will detect the Windows installation and create a boot menu for you. In this case you should make sure the BIOS is set to boot off your SSD Ubuntu drive, and allow Ubuntu's OS selection menu to run.
* Do your rear USB ports work? If so then it's not a driver issue - it's a physical fault. If your rear USB ports don't work then it's a drive issue. The USB drivers are part of the chipset installation, so find, download and install the chipset driver for your motherboard and that will fix the issue.
* .wps documents are Microsoft Works documents. Programs like Abiword are compatible with Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx) documents, but generally not with Works. Microsoft provide a free converter (Google "Microsoft Works 6–9 File Converter") that lets Word open Works documents. I've only ever tried it with Word, but it might also work with Abiword.